Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raspberry Chicken

This is a rather strange sounding recipe I found right after hubby found out he was diabetic. It has become a family favorite that my very picky eater son requests often.

Here is the recipe. Sorry I forgot to take a picture yesterday.

Raspberry Chicken

chicken tenders or boneless, skinless breasts
jar of raspberry jam or preserves ( i use the sugar free due to diabetes in family)
can of mountain dew, 7-up or sprite (again i use diet )
about 2 tablespoons of butter
Your favorite seasonings to taste

The original recipe called for just a little jam and mountain dew but we like the "gravy" over roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and I found it was way to dry with less.

Melt the butter in a large skillet. Season the chicken and lightly brown the chicken, you aren't really looking for alot of color on it just to seal in the juices. Mix the mountain dew and raspberry jam in a bowl and add a little seasoning. Once it is mixed well pour over chicken, stir gently and cover. Simmer on medium high heat for about 45 minutes, turning chicken about every 15 minutes. After about 30 minutes I uncover and turn heat to high to reduce sauce by 1/2. We serve with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and whole kernel corn.

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Anonymous said...

okay, what seasonings?? I gotta be told as I just don't get it on my own. Thanks :)