Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Planning Monday February 8, 2010

Monday - Shrimp Fetticini, shrimp salad

Tuesday - hamburgers, fries

Wednesday - Chinese

Thursday - Fried Fish, Catfish courtbouillion

Friday - Fried Rabbit, fries


Leah said...

I got a question about the this something that is readily available in your market or did a hunter go out for them? I ask because, I never see Rabbit at the stores I shop in, but ate it often as a child....and squirrel (aka, wild chicken)

Leah said...

Thank you for coming around my way and answering my question :) One part of the MPM that I really enjoy is reading about the different menu items from around the country/world.

LOL about the fishing... my dad, son and DH are avid fishermen and I got fish talk in my ears all the time. My dad blogs about it!

Have a wonderful week :)